Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How do I register a new Circle with Mynightoff?

This is very simple. From the homepage click on the 'Register a circle' link. Give your circle a name and enter your email address and the security question. You will then be sent an email that will have a link that activates your account. Once activated you will be asked to specify username and password information together with your preferred name (e.g. first name or nickname) and the name of your child (or children).

#2 How do I invite my friends to join my circle?

Once you have set up your circle you will be the Circle Organiser and will be able to invite new members to your Circle by using the Admin page. Simply go to the Admin page and click the 'Invite Someone Else?' link. You will then be asked to enter the email address of your friends. Once you have submitted the email addresses your friends will be sent an email with a link that will enable them to join your circle.

#3 How do I know who has registered with my circle?

As Circle Organiser you can see who you have invited to join and who has registered to join your circle by going to the Admin page. People who have registered for your circle will clearly be shown with a tick. Other circle members can view brief details of the circle membership by clicking the 'Circle Details' link under the 'My Circle' page.

#4 Can the Circle Organiser resend an invitation to a friend who has not yet registered with my circle?

Yes. Go to the circle Admin page and click on the 'Invite again' link to the appropriate person.

#5 Can the Circle Organiser remove individuals from the Circle?

Yes. Go to the circle Admin page and click on the 'Delete' link next to the appropriate person.

#6 Are you able to determine your own system for awarding credits?

Yes. When you register a Circle you will be asked to set the credit policy and the number of credits each member will be awarded for each sitting. The circle organiser can amend the credit policy at any point in time through the Admin page.

#7 Are you able to amend the number of credits that any particular member has if they have been awarded in error?

Yes. The Circle Administrator can amend anyone's credits.

#8 How do I request a night off?

Click the 'Book a night off' link from the MyCircle page. You will then be asked for the date, time and duration of the proposed night out and the expected number of credits on offer. Note that you can always amend the number of credits awarded after the sitting if you need to grant more or less credits.

Click confirm and your request will be posted on the site and an email detailing the request will be sent to your circle members. It is as simple as that.

#9 How will the rest of the Circle know that I have requested a night off?

They will be sent an email once the request is made and a diary entry will be shown on the site with a 'Sitter Needed' label under the Status column.

#10 How do I accept a booking request from another circle member?

Simply click on the 'Apply' link next to the Sitter Needed request. You will then be asked to Confirm your acceptance. After confirming an email will be sent to the Booking requester to let them know you will sit for them. The diary entry will also be updated to show that the Night Off has been Booked.

#11 How do I award credits once someone has sat for me?

After the Night Off date has passed an 'Awaiting Award' link will appear in the diary entry. Simply click on the 'Award' link and confirm the number of credits to be granted.

#12 Can I book a night off if I have no credits left?

The site will allow you to do this. We leave it to each individual circle to set their own rules.

#13 How can I find out the number of credits I have?

Simply click on the 'My Credits' link on the MyCircle page of the site.

#14 How do I amend my details held on the site?

Simply click on the 'My Details' link on the MyCircle page of the site and then click 'Edit Details' at the bottom of the page. Update your details and click the confirm button.

#15 I've just moved to XYZ and would like to arrange a baby sitter. How do I do that?

Sorry, you're looking in the wrong place.

We only provide an online system to allow people who already know each other (friends or family) to administer their own baby sitting circles.

#16 How secure is this website?

We take every precaution to protect your information - your information is protected both online and off-line.

Access to all of our users information is restricted.

If you have any questions about the security at our website, you can send an email us.

#17 If a baby sit is cancelled can you cancel the credits to be awarded after the date of the sit?

Yes - Simply click on the 'Award' link and change the number of credits awarded to zero.

#18 We currently offer 1 credit for each hour of sitting. Are you able to award half credits for each half hour?
No. The system can only award whole credits. A simple workaround is to double the number of credits available and change your policy to 1 credit for each half hour of sitting.
#19 How do we change the default number of credits offered when a new request is sent out?
The circle administrator is able to set the credit policy and the default number of credits.