A baby sitting circle is an easy way for a group of friends to provide baby sitting for each other on a no cash basis. When you baby sit for one of your friends you will earn a credit. You can then use this credit to have a night off yourself and one of your friends will sit for you.

MyNightOff.com provides an administrative system for you to set up and run your baby sitting circle. We do not make any charges for the use of this system.

Through MyNightOff.com you can ask your friends if they can baby sit for you, confirm your agreement to baby sit for someone else, check the number of credits you have available or simply use the discussion box for a good old natter.


As we've had a few requests for a bit more information on who we are, where we're based, how do we make any money from this, what about privacy, what's the catch etc, we thought we'd try to cut down on the emails we're getting and provide some info here.

Who are we?

We're two work colleagues in the financial services industry based in London, England at about the same point on the road of parenthood (which is pretty much at the start!).

Stuart came up with the idea (being in a baby sitting circle already which was based on spreadsheets, paper, phone calls etc) and Mike put it on the web.

As with most good ideas, MyNightOff was developed on the back of a beer mat (though it may have actually have been a napkin come to think of it) over a few pints in the pub!

So what's the catch? How do you make money?

There isn't a catch - honest.

We developed the site because it seemed a better way of doing things and thought that was good reason enough to share it with others.

We have no intention of ever charging to use the site - though we may need to creatively think of other ways to fund it when our hosting charges get beyond our generosity.

What about my privacy?

We can give an unconditional, cast iron, copper bottomed guarantee that we will never disclose, sell, trade etc our members details to anyone else. We hate spam/junk mail/cold calling as much as you do.

Anything else/Contact us?

We've covered above most of the general themes of the emails we've received. However, if there's something important we've missed off then please do drop us an email at suggstions@mynightoff.com